Our experiences are results-oriented and collaborative. We do what we do through consulting, workshops, 1x1 coaching, and our signature Leadership Immersions for women.


Who do you want to influence?

We illuminate your personal and professional potential. We guide you to be seen, heard, and valued in a new and different way.

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Our immersions Leverage Hogan Assessments


Women's Immersions – A unique leadership experience

As a Hogan certified company, Nova Leadership Immersions cater to high potential and high achieving leaders, and focus on giving executives the tools they need to create their ideal professional world. In a unique environment, they invite women to look both inward and outward to uncover their individual leadership brand, and discover how to utilize their gifts to their fullest potential.

Through guided exercises and facilitated discussion, Nova Leadership helps leaders get to the root of their unique and powerful leadership presence. Participants acquire tools and strategies to improve performance, increase awareness and define individual leadership characteristics. Each session is small, interactive and designed to provide the support and challenge required to excel. Nova Leadership provides real-time guidance and practical tools for leaders.

Leaders will:

  • Identify and leverage the nine elements that enhance presence

  • Sharpen message content and precision

  • Cultivate influence skills

  • Find their authentic voice

  • Develop confidence and credibility

  • Increase network and visibility


Executive Coaching

Kathleen and Lisa offer one on one executive coaching, helping leaders identify and leverage strengths, and understand and minimize blind spots. We use the Hogan Leadership assessment as a development tool, and coach to the needs of the individual and the organization. Each coaching client defines an actionable individual development plan, and progress is monitored throughout the coaching engagement.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to define measurable results

  • Make commitments and be held accountable

  • Insight into your skills and values

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses

  • A clear action plan

  • A plan for sustainable growth


Our workshops focus on the levers that drive personal and organizational impact.

Interested in scheduling a Nova Leadership workshop for the leaders in your organization? Nova is a brilliant way to foster professional growth while demonstrating the value of your employees. The tools your leaders learn at these custom defined workshops will improve performance and build leadership effectiveness.


Customize a workshop for your team, or explore our pre-designed workshops below:

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