Brilliance. Radiance. Shine. Illumination.

These words spark an image in our minds. But how - as a leader - can you cultivate brilliance? Bring about radiance in yourself and others?

One of the images that comes to mind for me is a diamond. So brilliant! So radiant! And maybe diamond cutters can teach us a thing or two about being an illuminated leader.

The best gemologists judge diamonds on qualities including:

Clarity: As a leader, clarity of purpose is foundational to your success. Your ability to set a vision for the team, and to be crystal clear in defining success makes the difference in teams that stall, and teams that excel.

Cut: As you work towards your goal, your role is to eliminate barriers for your team. Mitigate the organizational or environmental factors that get in the way.  Keep them focused on the goal. Eliminate distractions and reduce ambiguity. Cut out what’s not working.

Color: Leaders inspire others with passion. By creating a vision of something bigger and more meaningful than just a job. Leaders share stories - and a bit of themselves in the process. Adding a little color to the task at hand can go a long way in building trust.

If you are a leader who can provide clarity, remove boundaries, and create a collaborative working environment...wouldn’t that be true brilliance?

Priscilla Carruthers