Nova Guide to Personal Branding

Invest in yourself in 2019

New Years is a time for reflection and resolution. This year, resolve to invest in yourself.

You’ve heard branding, and no doubt you’re a more savvy consumer of brands than you realize. Did you know that you can define your own personal brand? This workbook will help you take a moment to be conscious of how you present yourself to the world.

Start with reflecting on what makes you authentically you. What are you passionate about? How do you approach situations in your life? What makes you cringe? Answering these types of questions and more can put you on a path to discover your authentic self, and find the core of your personal brand.

Next, take a look outside of yourself to those around you. Who do you admire? Who are your friends? Who pays you? When you can get a clear picture of those around you, your existing brand can become more visible.

Finally, how do you express yourself online? Do you have a personal website? Is your Linked In profile current and reflective of your professional picture? What’s your point of view on social media? Does it align with your personal brand?

This 40-page workbook will walk you through all of the necessary self reflection and planning needed to define and launch your own personal brand. Packed with inspirational quotes, beautiful imagery, and easy to tackle questions, this workbook is designed to get any professional up to speed on creating their own brand.

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Priscilla Carruthers