Invest Differently and Win in 2019

Want leaders who can drive change and lead differently? Then don’t train them. Invest.

95% of leaders would consider themselves “self-aware”. Only 10-15% actually are, according to psychologist Tasha Eurich in her book Insights. Working with leaders to build self-awareness to drive organizational capability is what we do in Nova leadership workshops and Immersion retreats.

Nova addresses leadership from the inside out, working leaders to identify and leverage their unique skills and capabilities. We know that each leader has innate gifts which can be used to better the organization. We work to build awareness on how leaders show up, how they impact others, and how to excel. We do this through education, facilitated discussion and guided insight.

“I found this very useful. (Nova offers) a great opportunity for self-reflection and learning with practical exercises to apply the learning.”

With more than two decades as executive leaders in Fortune 50 companies, Kathleen and Lisa know what it takes to be successful. In small or large group settings, they bring practical experience to create a unique learning lab for leaders.

“The balance of push and pull of information is great. These events aren’t effective unless there is real life context.”

Real life. Real challenges. Real leadership. Nova equips your leaders for all of it.

Our experiences are results-oriented and collaborative. We offer consulting, leadership workshops, 1x1 executive coaching and our signature Leadership Immersions for women. Each engagement is designed with the company and your executive effectiveness at the forefront. We’re not an off the shelf training company; we offer unique solutions to your unique challenges. If you’re looking to give your leaders a unique experience – to build their capability – to reach your shared goals, then let’s work together in 2019.

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Tina Schweiger